What is MediTiser’s area of business?

We manufacture hand disinfectants and our original disinfectant dosing systems intended for public utility areas.

Is the unit touchless?

The device is fully automatic, maintenance-free and has a motion sensor – it automatically doses the disinfectant after placing hands below the dispenser.

How does this unit look like and how does it differ from ordinary dispensers?

The unit is a free-standing device, so it can be freely placed in corridors, entrances/exits, passageways, near cash registers or food courtyards, etc. This solution gives an advantage over other dispensers that are wall-mounted, require a specially prepared environment, and do not always fit in the architecture of the place where they are located. In addition, they are hardly visible, which means that they do not serve their purpose.

Where can I install the MediTiser unit?

The device has been specially designed for public areas: grocery stores, gyms, cinemas, hotels, shopping malls, hairdressing salons, etc. It is comfortable to use and can be moved to different places; it is visible and aesthetic. The unit gives great advertising, exhibition and arrangement possibilities for a specific interior.

What are the benefits of installing the MediTiser unit?

We believe that the current situation introduces a new long-term trend which will make this type of equipment become a standard in service points. First of all, the device provides and gives the feeling of security to customers visiting a given facility.

In addition, the device is in line with the trend of a “socially responsible” company.

Is it possible to personalise the unit?

It is possible to adjust the unit to the client's needs, i.e. the colour of the logo.

Which disinfectants should be used with the unit?

In the unit, we only use the highest quality MediTiser disinfectants.

These products are based on 70% alcohol and other ingredients. Only this formula can destroy up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. The disinfectants have all permits and certificates.

Should MediTiser be rinsed with water after use?

No water is required.